Life without religion is animalistic.

धर्मेण हीन पशुभिः समाना
Scriptures say that a human being without religion is equal to animal. Then what is wrong in being animal? One may raise the question. We have to differentiate between human and animal life in this point. We have to analyze the significance of human life.
Not only scriptures say but we see it practically in our life that modern civilization is somewhat complicated animalistic civilization. How? Basic principle of animal life is running behind some basic phenomena of eating , mating , sleeping and defense. What is modern days civilization teaching us more than these four things ? Actually, our entire effort for enjoyment are centered around sexual phenomenon. We work hard just like donkey to serve some food to our mouth. We sleep and fight just like cats and dogs to protect ourselves. We do these in some systematic and complicated manner. That is the only difference. That’s why the scriptures satires us for being complicated animal.
Is it good to point the faults only ? Of course not. Faults are the symptoms for perfection as it is rightly said that failure is the pillar for success. But does your failure gives you success haphazardly? It is not possible. You have to find out the cause for failure and also search the tips for success. Doing this , the probability of success surely increases.
Similarly we have got some boons to raise ourselves above than animalistic life. The natural higher intelligence that we have got is the only bright part of human civilization. We can use our brain for higher purpose. What is that higher purpose? Scriptures which are the words of God and the only source of perfect knowledge commence their formula by giving us the proper guideline for utilizing our life.  Scriptures say that , ‘Now you have got this human form of life. So inquire about Brahman ‘. Who is Brahman? Brahman realization is the first step in God realization . We have to search our actual identity , place , duty and religion. Doing this we become more than animal. It is because animals can not think in such a way and for such higher purpose. This is the message of above mentioned verse (धर्मेण हीन पशुभिः समाना).

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