Naturally human beings are vegetarian.

Are you vegetarian or non-vegetarian? If you are vegetarian then you may think that vegetarian food is good and made for human. Reversely , if you are meat eater you may prefer non-vegetarian food. But we are by nature favored for vegetarian food. Here are some of the bodily features of human beings which are very closure to that of vegetarian creatures. Thus, it eventually shows that human beings are naturally vegetarian creature but for taste they have adopted meat as their food.
  1. Eating and drinking process : Meat eaters  by nature lick and drink  the food substances and liquids whereas plant eaters suck and drink. For example plant eater creatures like cows, sheep etc. drinks water by sucking whereas dog by licking. Human being naturally sucks but not lick. That means human body resembles plant eater body.
  2. Front teeth : Meat eaters have sharp and pointed front teeth as they have to tear flesh whereas plant eaters have incising teeth to cut vegetarian food. We also have incisor teeth. 
  3. Claws : Meat eaters have strong claws and plant eaters lack claws. Human body lacks claws. 
  4. Intestine : In vegetarian creatures intestinal track is six times the body length and it is only three times long in meat eaters. Human beings possess six times longer intestinal track. This also proves the vegetarian nature of human being.
  5. Salivary Gland : To digest grains and fruits salivary secretions are essential. Saliva is essential to digest foods like grains, vegetables etc. For this purpose plant eaters have large salivary gland whereas meat eaters do have small .Human body also have large salivary gland. It means that human body is designed to eat plant but not meat. 
  6. Ptyalin content: Saliva of meat eaters contains no ptyalin whereas much ptyalin is present in the saliva of plant eater. Human saliva also contains much ptyalin. Ptyalin is needed to predigest grains. This means we are by nature plant eaters.
  7. Moral teeth : Moral teeth of plant eaters are flat to grind grains whereas no flat back moral teeth is present in the mouth part of meat eater. We have flat back moral teeth . It means human teeth are useful with vegetarian food but not meat. 
  8. Vision : Meat eaters have night vision capacity. Whereas plant eaters can not. Human also can not see in night. 
  9. Killing capacity: Generally meat eaters can kill the prey without aid of weapon. Plant eaters do not kill to eat and human beings can not kill without aid of weapon .
  10. Skin Pores : Meat eaters have no skin pores for perspiring.. Plant eaters perspire through millions of skin pores. Human also perspires through millions of skin pores. 
  11. Behavior ; Meat eaters are voracious and plant eaters are calm. Human beings voracious only by taking meat. 
  12. Meat eaters do not eat grass ; plant eaters do not eat meat. From all these points it is crystal clear that human being must not eat meat but should eat only vegetarian foodstuffs.  
Now, it is up to us to decide whether to be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

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