Manufactured gODs in the factory !

Nowadays we come to hear about many gods. They are claiming to be the incarnation of Godhead. Some of them impose themselves and some by blind followers but never by authentic scriptures. We call them by the name of ‘Manufactured gods’.
Those manufactured gods even don’t know why they are in this material world. Scriptures say that main reason for being situated in this world is the misuse of our independence and our wish to become just like Krishna, the Supreme proprietor. When we wanted to adopt proprietorship, Krishna send us in this material world for the same and we are just struggling to be the proprietor of this material world. But, we are in no way the proprietor. That’s why when we try to be the master of this material atmosphere we are no longer in spiritual platform but always in the clutches of Illusion (Maya). Those manufactured gods whose Godliness is not supported by authentic scriptures and authority are to be understood as the outcome of Maya, the illusion.
Those manufactured gods should be rejected by intelligent groups of human society and their false ego should be flashed out. If anybody declares him to be God and has not scriptural proof to support his declaration then we should always be ready to disclose his DOG-Hood (which he posses actually) BUT not GOD-hood (which he does not possess in reality).
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