Saturday Festival at VISA.

VISA,the abbreviate of Vaikuntha International Spiritual Academy, is the young wing of International Society For Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). It is located at Tripureshwor Kathmandu. VISA is famous for preaching Krishna Consciousness for youths of Nepal. Being ISKCON Youth Services (IYS ) centre it serves the youths and others in so many ways but in this article we are writing about it's Saturday festival.

Every Saturday , the spiritual program is organized by VISA which is famous by the name 'Saturday festival'. Saturday festival is not just youth program rather it is the union point of every age group , every caste , religion, nationality and other as per its non-sectarian approaches. Anyone can experience the real taste of festival and get the true message about what does it mean to celebrate the festivals. It is said that festivals are the mother of devotion. We can practically confirm this saying after attaining one Saturday festival. If you have already been there it is needless to explain you because you have already experienced that moment but if you have never been there then please visit once, you will practically feel. How? What are its parts and how are they performed? What is cost and what I have to do ? Questions may arise after reading the above things. Here is short introduction which may answer the above questions and further give glimpse of what Saturday festival is.

  1. Saturday Festival begins 1 pm onward with very melodious kritan ( group chanting of Maha Mantra, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ). Atmosphere is really spiritualized.    
  2. The program is followed by wonderful lecture about the teachings of scriputes especially Bhagavad-Gita As It Is , which are the words of the Supreme Personality of Godhead , Krishna himself. We get spiritual message in very logical, systematical and scientific ways. It lasts for about one and half hour. These are the photos of the BG class.

3. Then congregational chanting and dancing takes place. This part is taken as main attraction of the festival by most of the devotees. We feel real happiness in ectasic mode (GUARANTEED ! ). Here is the glimpse of this section in following video.

4. The last part of the festival is 'Prasadam Distribution'. In this part every devotees who come in time and attain the festival are served with full feast prasadam.

Does it cost?


Are low caste peoples allowed?

No discrimination on bodily basis such as caste , religion , nationality, age, gender etc.

What is its exact location?

Radha Bhawan 6th floor.