Where is God ? Is God present in stool?

God is present everywhere and at the same time localized in some places, such as in heart as supersoul. He is also doing wonderful pastimes in spiritual world , Goloka Vrindavan.

Also, God is present in every atoms of creation. If so, he is present even in the stool. We think that since God is all pure than how can he be in impure things like stool. Our conception is materially based in this logic. God is such pure that nothing else can make him impure due to contact. God is supremely pure that nothing can contaminate him. That means when he is present even in the stool, stool can not contaminate him.

But we should keep ourselves clean from those impure things and only offer pure things to God because it is the matter of respect and love. It will actually make ourselves pure so that we can approach him. Thinking so we should keep ourselves clean from those impurities and offer only pure things to God.