Can beginner preach the spiritual message ?

Many people raise the question to the beginner preacher ' Are you that much elevated to preach the subject matter of spirituality to other?' They also argue that unless one is highly evolved he cannot preach the subject matter of spirituality to other. Is their argument true? Is it really wrong to preach?
What does it mean to preach? Is it something that needs elevated soul to execute? Or, can be done by other peoples as well? These questions should be properly answered but we should know the meaning and purpose of preaching before we can remark right or wrong in this subject matter.
 Preaching means to teach someone or group about something and try to make them convinced. To teach something, it requires the highly intelligent person. There is no doubt that only elevated souls can preach spirituality nicely but who will determine whether a person is elevated or not. It is impossible to judge a person's level of elevation by our senses.
In such condition we assume that every person in this material is not so elevated except than pure devotees who comes in the authentic disciplic line ( Parampara in Sanskrit). It is because authentic disciplic line does not manufacture its own idea but propagates the original message of Supreme authority called God. In this point only the knowledge that come through such line is perfect but the knowledge manufactured by using our senses is imperfect as our senses are imperfect. This is the basic understanding of preaching. Once we are connected with the authentic source of knowledge we can distribute it to others. It is the meaning of preaching. Preaching is essential because it can save the life and gives the chance to properly use our life for attaining highest destination.
Hence, preaching does not need elevated souls but the message of elevated soul ( not own manufacture). While doing so first benefit is that not only those person whom we preach are preached but we get ourselves preached by preaching. Hence, we get nicely preached by own preaching and we can understand the message of Godhead practically. So, preaching is important as well as essential. Thus we have to speak of God and God's message provided that we are linked with the authentic source of such knowledge. Thus peaching does not mean teaching to other only but it also teaches us at the same time. Preaching also does not require only elevated soul but we should not manufacture our own idea.