Developing firm faith like a child

A small child when thrown by his father to sky laughs but not fears. There is every possibility that who throws him in the sky may not catch him back and he will meet in accident. There is risk to his life as well but he doesn't fear. We see risk because we don't have faith in his father but that child has firm faith in his father that father will catch him in any circumstances and will not let him go down in ground.

Everyone of us are the children of God , Krishna. Sometimes up and downs come in our life just like that of the child's life who is thrown up and down by his father. The difference between that son and us is that we doubt our original father Krishna but he doesn't. As that child has developed firm faith in the shelter and protection he has no fear but we doubt our father and are constantly in fear. Our life becomes successful when we can develop firm faith just like that child.

Following story shows how are our all crisis solved when we are sheltered.

An aeroplane lost its balance in the sky. All the passengers are horrified. But one small girl was not afraid of it at all. She was looking at a picture. After hard struggle pilot was successful to take back the aeroplane in proper balance. After plane was balanced passengers asked that girl the reason for not being afraid. Girl replied that pilot was his father and she had firm faith that his father will save her. Passengers are amazed at her answer.

This story gives us the message that if we are sheltered and have faith that Krishna will save us in any circumstances at any cost we can also be fearless and our all crisis get solved. Only thing needed is the firm faith in Krishna's shelter.