Enjoying Mentality is creating problem

Let us examine some of the following examples where people try to enjoy the sitauation.
  • People want to look extra-ordinary. Why? Because they want to enjoy the situation  of being different than other. 
  • We want to get first position in exam to enjoy the situation of  being successful. 
  • We want to play game because you want to enjoy the situation of being successful player. 
  • Some  want to make girlfriend (or boyfriend) because you want to enjoy the situation of being loved.
  •  Some people want to develop some types of relationship either physical or mental or social to enjoy respective relationship.
 In each of the above cases the central point is 'our enjoying mentality'. Actually we become  jealous and eventually get misdirected by the urge of senses (lust) . We search the situation when and where we can enjoy fully. In each case we want to show us superior to other. We get satisfaction to see the failure of other and success of own. We are misdirected in this point. 
Despite of our hard effort to enjoy something we never become successful to enjoy that. In fact our hard labor for enjoying something results in pain and failure. We get bound to those things and eventually ruin our life. It is because we do it in wrong way. If hands need energy then we have to provide food to stomach via mouth first. Only then hands can get energy. If hands are jealous with stomach and only try to directly feed then there is no chance for hands to get energy. It is because it is possible to feed hands only by providing food to stomach first but not directly to hands. Here, supreme enjoyer is God (Krishna) . He is the source of everyone’s enjoyment. Thus if we want to really enjoy something then we have to totally dedicate it to Krishna. We have to make Krishna happy. This is possible only if we develop service mood rather than enjoying mood. We have to give up our enjoying mentality. Only then we can get the portion of enjoyment. Thus Vedic scriptures clearly state that:
Tasmin tuste jagat tustam.( If God, or Krsna, is satisfied, then whole world is satisfied.).