God started running immediately.

Even we pray with God for something we actually don't keep firm faith in him. When we come across some difficulties we pray with God to solve that problem only if there is no other mean to solve it. As we find another mean to help us we forget God even if you ask for his help to solve that problem just a second ago.
Once Lord Vishnu was having prasad and mother Laxmi was serving him. Lord suddently got up and started running from there. Mother Laxmi was perplexed. After some time lord retured there . Mother Laxmi asked the reason for running fastly and returning back quickly. Lord Vishnu replied, “One of my children was in abject misery. He was being chased by a tiger. In desperation he called my name. Hearing his call, I immediately rushed towards him to save him. But soon he abandoned me and found a different means to protect himself.  He actually thought that I will not come to save him. Sadly he even doubted if I will hear his prayer”
 From this pastime we can know the Bhaktavatsal mood of lord Vishnu. If we ask him for some help he will never fail to do so still we doubt that he will not help us. We even doubt his presence what to talk of hearing our prayer by him. We can not find a single incidence where someone asked for his help but he didn't do so. God obviously protects us. Only thing we have to develop is firm faith in him.