Krishna loves us even though we don’t love him

Krishna blinks his eyes to overlook the mistake we do and never blinks when we do nice devotional services. Once Draupadi tore her sari (cloth ) to wrapped arround Krishna's cut finger. Krishna was seeing it without blinking his eyes. He was so pleased with her service. And when Draupadi was being disrobed then he repaid it by providing her unlimited saris.
When Putana came to kill little Krishna then Krishna blinked. He blinked because he wanted to overlook her demoniac mentality. Instead he focused on the fact that the lady wanted to serve him by offering her milk to him. This pleased Krishna and he decided to reward her. As a reward she became a nurse in the spiritual world and got an opportunity to serve Krishna.
From these two pasts we can know the nature of Krishna. Krishna loves us even though we don't love him.
He doesn't care our mistakes but focusses even on the insingnificant service we do. He loves us even though we hate him just like Putana. He forgives our mistakes but nver forget to repay our service by multiplying it thousands time. This is Krishna's greatness. How much he'd love if we truely love him?