Krishna is the supreme designer

Modern scientists (not all ) say that the universe came by chance. We see that this entire universe has so perfect arrangement , beauty and system. We have not seen anything in the life which has good arrangement and system but came by chance. There should be someone who has created it. Is it not foolishness to say that this entire universe which has so much preciseness & is so beautiful came just by chance?
Newton , the great scientist , was a firm believer in God. However one of his friends wouldn't agree with him that there is the supreme designer behind everything ( creation). Newton used to say that creation implies creator but his friend didn't agree. Being atheist he used to say that everything came by chance and there is no God. Newton thought a idea. He made a gyroscope - a replica of the solar system. When his friend saw it he was struck with the preciseness of the model that Newton made. He asked Newton - how did you make this. Newton replied that he didn't make it but just came by chance. He ( atheist friend) didn't believe Newton's saying rather said that he was not fol to believe his ( Newton's ) words. He further insisted that it was not possible for that precisely built gyroscope to come out by chance. Then Newton replied that if it is possible for this entire universe which has  so much preciseness to come out by chance (which his friend used to say and believe ) then why is it not possible for that tiny model to come out automatically by chance. His atheistic friend was speechless and accepted that there is the superior designer behind this whole universe and it has not come by chance.
Then question may arise ' who is that supreme designer ?  All scriptures , great saints in the past such as Narada , Kapila , Vyasa etc have come to common conclusion that Krishna is that Supreme designer. Krishna himself confirms this in Bhagavad – gita, “I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me” (Bhagavad – gita 10.8).