Science in Vedas

Vedic Science is really amazing. Although some people accuse Vedic scriptures to be the outcome of superstitious belief but reality is not so. Those people who accuse Vedic scriptures to be outcome of superstitious belief forward modern science as their strength to defeat Vedic scripture. But when analyzed in depth , even the modern science provides sufficient proofs for Vedic science to be valid. Some of the famous modern scientists are amazed at the knowledge , facts and figures given in the Vedic scriptures.
  • Albert Einstein who is one  of the most famous modern scientist used to read Vedic scriptures regularly. It is said that his invention and law of relativity was eventually derived from the knowledge given in the Vedic science. We also can see it in scriptures like Mahabharata where tools and technique regarding fire weapons, water weapons, air weapons etc . is given. The theory behind those tools are eventually based on the theory of relativity.
  • The velocity of light which was calculated by modern scientists was already in Vedic scriptures. It amazes everyone and provides the sufficient proof to cut off the accusing  of superstitious belief.
  • Modern science is still unsuccessful to find out exact number of species  in the world whereas Vedic science guarantees this number to be 84,00,000. It is really amazing. If Vedic science was outcome of superstitious belief then how could it give exact number of species.  We can see how modern science is going near this data slowly and slowly.
  • Vedic scripture declare that there is anti- material world. It is given the word ‘spiritual world’. Modern science now has forwarded the same fact. In fact it has been proven as well. Modern science also accepts now that there is anti-particle and hence anti- material world as well.
  • The whole process which takes place in the womb of a mother from the time of conception to pregnancy is explained in Vedic science in details. It resembles modern finding as well. Actually what modern medical science has founded is already written in Vedic scriptures.
  • Modern medical science is boon to everyone but it is full of negative side effect. Ayurvedic science of Vedic science seems to have no side effects. In fact Ayurvedic science has been successful to cure even those diseases and problems which modern science can not cure such as cancer. This is really amazing.
  • Inductive system of acquiring knowledge in modern science took too long time to find exact shape of the earth. Earlier scientists postulated that earth was flat, rectangular, circular etc. but actually earth is round. It was known later. But in Vedic scriptures it was already written that earth is globular (round ball like ) . Earth was given the Sanskrit word ‘bhugol’ (भूगोल)comprising of two words bhu(भू)+gol(गोल). ‘Bhu’(भू) in Sanskrit translate to ‘Earth’ and ‘Gol’ (गोल).  means globular or round.
  • Whole Vedic scriptures are written in Sanskrit language . Sanskrit is sweet but very tough language. No superstitious and ordinary person can learn Sanskrit language. It was in fact the words of God. It is literal proof of Vedic scriptures.
  • Details of astronomical location, measurement and predictions given in the Vedic scriptures  are really amazing.  Even modern scientists are amazed at this.
  • Information given in Vedas about atom, molecules and other very minute particles resembles the finding of modern science.
    • Even the future is predicted in Vedic science with sufficient proofs.Analyzing in this way we can be sure that Vedic science is far superior to modern science. Vedic science is really amazing. Those who accuse Vedic scriptures as the outcome of superstitious belief should first of all go through Vedic scriptures. Vedic scriptures are real science applicable to all . Vedic science is common for all such as Hindus, Christians, Muslim, Buddhists and so on. It is  not only for limited nations and persons but for all.
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