Searching for Happiness!

Everyone is searching for happiness but attempts for getting it go in vain in everyone's life. Question arises , 'why?'. Obviously there are some serious factors involving that obliges to live the pitiful life.

It should be understood that we are originally the spiritual being in the spiritual world and are part and parcels of the Supreme God who is full of eternity , knowledge and bliss. As the part and parcel of Supreme God we naturally want happiness just as fire has heat in it and water has liquidity.

Suppose a fish comes out of water and searches for happiness. Is there any possibility for the fish to get true happiness? No. Even if fish is put in the golden house it will not make fish happy. We, the living beings i.e Jiva are also facing the similar circumstances. We are out of our original home which is in Spiritual abode and out of contact of Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna just like fish is out of water. We are searching happiness in this material world just like fish searching for happiness outside the water. So, we are never happy in this world. Sometime we get just the illusory happiness but it is nothing compared to one which we get in association of Krishna in spiritual abode.