One thing is certain: Uncertainity in life

Once Yudhistir Maharaj answered the question asked by Yakshya ‘What is the most amazing thing in the world?’ He answered that every living entities who are embodied are sure to die one day but they never thinks (realize) that he will die one day. It means that every person behaves as if he is going to survive forever in that body. Actually this is no less than the mystery.  In one hand our life is too short and in other hand we behave as if we are never going to die.
Recently there took a big bus accident near my place. (article was written in 2011) Many people died. It was really the most painful event of the day. It was hard for us to believe but that was the bitter truth and could not be denied nor be reverted back. I couldn't sleep that night. Although I was trying hard to sleep but I couldn’t. The same fact was moving around the globe of my thought more and more.  I was asking question to myself from various angles . Meanwhile I realized that  I am also going to die one day, may be earlier or later. Although I think myself as immortal in this body but my body can meet at destruction at any time. There may take some big earthquake and I may die on the spot.Even those pessenger who died in accident might have never thought that they will die in a minute.  Suddenly accident took place and they died.  In the same way every one of us think that we will not die but bitter death may love us just after a minute or hour or day. This particular  point was all convincing.
We have got our own respective body. In scriptural viewpoint our soul has been dwelling in our body now. Our body may encounter unexpected accident at any time in the future. We may be the victim of severe heart attack in a minute. Similarly, we can be shot dead at any time. Furthermore, we may be the victim of traffic accidents or we may die of some calamities such as earthquake in a minute. After the few second we may stop breathing forever. Our life is so much uncertain.Scripture rightly call this world as the house of miseries  and nothing is permanent here. Thus , we, who feel too much proud of this uncertain body are actually the fool. Only thing we can do is preparing for nice afterlife which is nothing other than taking shelter of Supreme Personality of Godhead , Sri Krishna .