We are by nature 'servant' not 'master'

Every one of us want to be master. Whole of our struggle in this world are directly or indirectly aimed at becoming master. 
  • We want to enjoy our senses and try hard to use them for us. It means that we want to be the master of our senses.
  •  None of us wants to be low profiled than other. That means we struggle hard to prove that we are good than other. 
  • We don’t like to sacrifice anything for other but want to use other more and more. What to tell of such general things we even want to make Supreme Lord our servant. We give him the order to fulfill our needs. 
There are many examples where want to be master. Do we get success in doing so ? It is not possible because it is against our normal etiquette. Our actual position is  servant. Even boss of the big company is servant in his true nature. But whether it is family life or social, political life or scientific,we want to prove ourselves as the master not the servant. In daily life we try to suppress our family members and use them for us; in social life we do it with neighbors. Similarly in political life ,we try to become the master of other politicians. 
But failure loves us more than success in each case. Similar cases happens with our body. We try hard to enjoy our senses but senses eventually cheat us. Our senses make us their servant. We start to work as per their order. It means our senses make us their servant and we start to serve them. We are too selfish. We ask God to fulfill our demands and supply our order. God is so kind that he fulfills our every necessity out of love. But it is not his obligation. If he wants he deserves the right not to fulfill any demand. 
Furthermore we are soul not the physical body and we are eternal servant of God. Although God is the master of all but he appears as if he is our servant not the master. In our case, we are not master but the servant but we behave as the master.
Hence , it is too much important to know our true self and our true position. Every scripture remind us of this our servitor position. Not only by scripture but our daily life apparently prove the fact that we are servant not the master. If we are servant than what is the meaning of our useless struggle for proving master hood????  Everyone should think of it carefully and perform the prescribed duty as servant. We have to realize that our actual position is Servant not the Master.