Finally, I got answers of all my question : 7 days Seminar-ISKCON temple (Realization)

(By  Laksmi Dhungana)
Hare Krishna,
In VISA ( Vaikuntha International Spritual Academy), I got opportunity to attain 7 days course which is based on Bhagvat-Gita. This class was given by H.G Ambuja Krishna pr. Lots of people participated and among them I also got chance to listen something about Lord Krishna.
In !st day, I had lots of question regarding God, demigods, Who is the supreme among all? Always I had controversy in my mind for the question that “whom we should worship and why”?
Finally, I got answers of all my question. Sri Krishna is the supreme Lord among all because he is the source of everything that is existing and demigods as well.
 According to Bhagvat Gita, Krishna is the root of a plant and other demigods are the branches, stem, leaves, fruit and things. If we give water to root, then there is no need to give water to the leaf, branch, stem etc. An intelligent person should think critically.
What I Have realized is “ Life is the Preparation and Death is the Exam”
When we serve the root, then it will give water and mineral to every root, stem and leaves. We will get the real happiness in that case. When we make link with the Supreme personality of Godhead, then we got happiness which help to increase a devotional service.
According to scriptures, we are eternal soul, not his temporary body. We are not God, but we are God’s. In that’s way, we are called Jivatma and Krishna is called Pramatma.
In yuga of kali, we are practically to meet with god, it is only possible  by chanting Hare Krishna mahamantra and doing Kirtan with devotees.
At last, I realized that, this seven days course is necessary to all. It helps me to bind all the question-answers which is realted to every topics. It helps to increase my devotional service also.
Hari Bol!!!!!!

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