I am speechless about the glory of this seminar: 7 days Seminar-ISKCON temple (Realization)

-    Hare Ram Baitha
Jai Shree Krishna to everyone !
       Actually this seven days seminar is important for all living creatures like us because it is a sweet daisy which express or solve our human life and our confusions like What is the law of nature, What is Karma, Who is the supreme God, are there one God or many god, How the universe along with earth running, and many such questions. What is karma, bikarma and akarma and the utmost thing I wonder to know was Why we born in this universe or earth. This type of questions  use to hunt us in daily life, which are solved in ISKCON temple, and it helped me a lot. Now, I am free from such confusions.
Now, I am feeling grant happiness because I was very eager to know above questions and these are solved by ISKCON temple, in seven days seminar. So, Thank you very much Supreme God Krishna. The great guru of ISKCON, Guru Prabhupada, Guru Ambuja Krishna Prabhu and so on
Before this seminar, I prayed to self sometime. But now, I have no complaints and confusions any more and I am able to dance in my  every moment because me and everything emanates from supreme lord Krishna and I know whatever happens is the result of law of nature( karma). So, we must have to do good karma or akarma. This will help us in next life.
Again, take a very long breath and calmly think Why we born here in earth and what is our duty in nature being born in nature. My respected friends, whoever is reading my hand-letter, I want to say you actually this seminar is important for everyone, not only for me and also not for everyone, but for every living entity
I am speechless about the glory of this seminar. It is a real wonder, or total astonishment. Now, I am feeling like I have wings and feather and I can fly wherever I like. I can think positive in every moment and abt to achive my highest goal.
Thank you ISKCON temple, Prabhupada and our guru Ambuja Krishna pr and so on.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

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