very important for the spiritual development : 7 days Seminar-ISKCON temple (Realization)

- DeependraChaulagai

The seven day course on “ The journey of self Discovery”, is the course which is related to spiritual world more than the material world. It is very important for the spiritual development. One can be spiritual and lead the way to krishna’s world if he/she follows the instructions given by Lord Krishna in the ‘Bhagvat Gita’.
When I heard about this course, I was eager to join it. When I Started this course, I felts that I have got an opportunity to know about the spiritual world, God and Demi gods. It also proves the existence of god in the scientific way. We are all bound in this material world. We all use to move hither and thither in the search of happiness. But, that is temporary material happiness. That is the happiness that the body is getting, not us at all,  not our innate nature of soul. While we are in the material world, we may face many problems and difficulties. This is because we are not giving importance to the supreme lord, we are not showing our devotion towards god. It is also stated in the ‘Bhagvat Gita’, that only one who shows devotion towards Lord Krishna and chants the ‘ Hare Krishna Mahamantra’ get relief from all the problems and difficulties and directly gets the way to the Lord Krishna’s world. I have also come to know many other things. Though, I believe in gods, I want really unknown about the actual god? I was confused even whether the number of god is unity or more than it. I have also known that God is only one and others are the Demigods who themselves are the devotee of the supreme lord, the Krishna. Even these demigods have to serve them. So, we need to devote ourselves in the ‘Bhakti’ of lord Krishna and chant the ‘ Mahamatra’ to keep control over our body and to enlighten the soul. This makes us free from anxiety and we get the way to another world i.e, the world of Lord Krishna after we leave this material world.
So, it is very important that we should read ‘Bhagvat Gita’ in which Lord Krishna has given many instruction on how to lead a happy life. This course also has given me a chance to know more about the spiritual world. So, I think that this course is very useful to the youths of today’s world. By this they can learn about the spirit of god which can bring changes in them.
Hare Krishna

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