Where There is No Tragedy

By Pradeep Bhandari (, Baglung)

Man is attached to woman and woman is attached to man. It is the scenario of this material world. Even a small boy starts to love her girl what to talk of college boy and girls nowadays. They are mad behind each other's love and in fact it is the factor which binds us in this world.
But is that the actual love? What are its consequences? What if it is only illusion? We have to analyze these questions very carefully. In fact this has been the major issue nowadays because many teenagers are ruining their life running behind it , turn heartless when met in tragedy and even decide to suicide. Why does this happen? Simply because they are loving wrong person or in wrong way. Eventually their love which is supposed to save their life happens to end their life. This is called illusion or MAYA.

To love other is our eternal nature but if it is done in wrong way and to wrong people it is problematic. Eternally we are part and parcel of Supreme Personality of Godhead , Krishna. There is loving relationship between us and Supreme person, Krishna but Krishna has given us the choices both to love him and not love him. We, the inhabitants of this material world misused this independence and turn away from Krishna. As a result we are suffering in this world.

But, Krishna never hates us even though we hate him and he never leaves us alone even if we leave him. He is accompanying us even in this world whether we are in the body of dog or hog or in demigod body. Not only this, he even loves us when we turn out to be demon and want to kill him. This is Krishna's especial nature.

If so ,why not love Krishna and never meet in tragedy. Since Krishna never stops loving us, there is no need to worry and there will always be union but no tragedy. Then there is no point to suicide and there is no need of other things. Krishna is more than sufficient. Krishna as our eternal well-wisher can be our best friend, best conjugal , best parent , best child and what not. Furthermore there is no history where one goes for establishing relationship with him but he denied. There is no single history ! Then why to go late. Begin your love life with Krishna from today and from this moment. Just inform him by chanting ' Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare '.