Bhaktapur Rath Yatra 2070

 Rath Yatra Festival   is successfully organized by ISKCON devotees on 29th Ashad , 2070 B.S at Bhaktapur Nepal. With large number of participants and efficient management from festival management comittee the festival of Chariot was successfully organized. In this festival Jagannath, the Lord of the World, Baladev, his elder brother and Subhadradevi, his sister are pulled in their chariot from their temple to our locality in order to facilitate the inhabitants and participants with their mercy.
Jagannath Rath yatra Started from Siddhapokhari and reached upto Dattatreya. Wonderful kritan , especial worship to Lord Jagannath by local residents etc. were praiseworthy points of this festival. Morever Bhaktapur Rath Yatra was finally over with Prasadam distribution in Ram Mandir , Bhaktapur.
Overall condition of the festival was satisfactory except time management problem as usual.
We have collected few photos from Jagannath Rath yatra , Bhaktapur :-


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