Jagannath Rath Yatra at Kathmandu

International Society For Krishna Consciousness of Nepal (ISKCON Nepal ) successfully organized the Jagannath Rath Yatra festival on the 26th of Ashad , 2070 (10/07/2013).The historic festival of

chariot pulling was successfully over with the heavy participation of the devotees of lord Jagannath.
ISKCON Nepal has been conducting Jagannath Rathyatra festival since more than 35 years in Kathmandu. In this big street festival  Lord Jagannath who is Krishna himself is pulled in chariot along with his brother Baladev and sister  Subhadra devi. The festival was also followed by media.
As per Vedic scriptures ,pulling of Jagannath Chariot signifies inviting the lord Krishna from Vaikuntha to our heart which again symbolizes to Vrindavan , the abode of Lord Krishna.  We have to invite lord to our heart. Heart should be cleansed by chanting the name of Lord.Jagannath Rath Yatra  is the occassion when lord comes out of his temple to give his blessings to all of us in our street. The festival commemorates Krishna's return to His home in Vrindavan after a long period of separation from the people there.
Festival started at 11:00 am from Pragya Bhawan , Kamaladi. The festival was accompanied with wonderful kritan ( singing the holy name of God ) and dancing. Devotees enthusiastically pulled the chariot of the lord of Universe, Jagannath. It followed the route : Kamaladi , Ghantaghar, Jamal , Kantipath , Durbarmarga, Putalisadak , Sahidgate, Newroad and Basantapur. The program was finally over at Basantapur Kathmandu with prasadam distribution and various cultural programs. His Grace Patri Prabhu, the international preacher of  ISKCON gave a short but wonderful class regarding Jagannath Rath Yatra and its significance. President of ISKCON Nepal His Grace Raganuga Bhakti prabhu also gave short speech. Then after various cultural programs such as drama , concert etc. were organized. State program at Basantapur was anchored by His Grace Ambuja Krishna Prabhu. His Grace Nirdosh Nitai Prabhu sung two songs from his own album ' The Songs of the Soul'.
This year, more number of devotees participated in the festival . Compared to last year , this year's festival was better in multiple ways such as Security , Volunteering service , Stage managements and so on.  Although some media were following the festival but overall condition of presence of media was not so satisfactory when compared to other Rath yatra festivals of Nepal.


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