Realization : true compassion

"Compassion, what is it?
I am travelling in Ktm by Sajha Yatayata with one devotee at this
moment. We had got seat in bus. Suddenly a couple came in a bus. Wife
was sick. He , devotee gave his sit to her although I didn't. I felt
uncomfortable. How much compasion he has for other? Yes it is the
symptom of compassion. He then started preaching about krishna.
Actually he is compasionate. Giving krishna to other is real
compasion. He has compasion in both way: materially as well as
spiritually. "
Compasion means to give eyes to blind if possible. If not possible we
can help them reach their destination by catching their hand. At
present people don't see their real self and best friend of their real
self, krishna. Thus if we preach other about soul and supersoul who is
krishna it is actual compasion. Because it awaken our inner vision and
takes us to our real destination, back home to godhead.


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