A glimpse of Jagannath Ratha Yatra , Bouddha, Kathmandu 2013 (Video Clips)

Jagannath Ratha Yatra , the festival of chariot pulling , was organized at Jorpati on the 26th of  October, 2013 ( 9th Kartika, 2070 B.S ). The Lord of Universe 'Jagannath', his younger brother 'Baladeva' and sister 'Subhadra' were  well decorated and taken in the huge chariot to give their darsan (vision) to the general public. The yatra began from the Gaushala (western gate of Pashupatinath temple) and reached Jorpati via Chabahil and Bauddha. 
Here are some of the video clips from this Ratha Yatra Festival. 
1. First Video Clip:-

2. Second Video Clip


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