Text by Bhakta Abhishek
There was a day when i looked at this immense beauty of mother nature, thought to be more beautiful, more than anything in the universe, i loved it so much...........
Hear me amore; i expressed my love through its beauty and the view of its
 grace on all creatures,

then after, i saw a solitary, peaceful , gentle,loving maiden who used to sing to
 mother nature,
i fell in love with her and what to say of her eagerly astounding grace and
l loved her so much so much..........
Hear me amore;i expressed my love through her mind satisfying desire.

Lastly, all my glorifying was all a waste of time..........
indeed, l never realized what love was,
Never had l realized how it was so hard to understans,

But with Almighty God]s glory,
I heard, I listened , I sang,and I mourned - while narrating His story,
 I realized how everyone was ready to give even his/her life to the Almighty,
I realized how they begged just for His mercy and what  a magnanimous love
 exists between  the lord and His devotee.

Oh my listener, I cannnot understand the Lord's glory, what to say..
God, He made love shining , as if a star that shines in the darkness of the night
Flowing, as if the water of a river never stops,
Life giving , as if the beating of our heart that never rests,
Blooming , as if a flower in the spiring.

Oh my listener , what to say of His glories, there is no end
Moreover, by expressing our love towards Him there will always be a gain,
oh my listener, Oh Mother Nature, Oh lovely maiden , Oh all living entities,
Her me amoure, hear me amore.....

Let us not entangle in obstacles and have burden,
For our death, one day is certain;
Therefore, there is no way except surrender, surrender and just surrender to
the Lord,
As it is the most simple and easy way to reach Him and get His love,

The most beautiful gift is love,
As it calls even the Almighty Lord to our service.

Source: Back To Godhead Magazine, Nepal.
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