Sex is the knot that binds us to this temporary body.

As soon as a male is combined with a female, the knot is at once tightly interlocked by sex. Then both the male's and female's attraction for their sweet home, children, country, society, friendship and wealth becomes their bondage. A false attraction for their temporary existence , which is actually full of miseries , is then set In place. With this combination a sense of protective purpose in life manifests .
Cupid throws his arrow of love to make us mad after the opposite sex, whether the party is actually beautiful or not . Cupid's attacks are going on even among beastly societies who are ugly in the estimation of the civilized nations. Thus Cupid's influence is exerted even amongst the ugliest forms, and what to speak of the most perfect beauties.
Of course, nowadays the attraction between male to male and female to female is also popular. But even in these relations, one will take the role of the dominant and the other will play the subordinate , so the same role-playing is there . The same bondage takes place.
To cut off the tie of affection does not mean denying our finer elements, lie affection for someone else. This is not possible. We have this feeling of affection because this is a symptom of life.


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