First Jagannath Rath Yatra From Swyambhu to Gongabu successfully celebrated !!!

Paramesvara Acyuta Das
First Jagannath Rath Yatra from Swyambhu to Gongabu is successfully celebrated on 31st January 2014. With the heavy participation of devotees it became successful . Millions of peoples were benefitted from Rath Yatra Festival.
                                International Society for Krishna Consciousness of Nepal (ISKCON , Nepal ) , Gongabu –Ichangu Narayan Jagannath Rath Yatra Committee efficiently organized this grand festival. Program was started at 10:30 am and was over at 4 pm. The chief guest of the festival Arjun Narsimha KC attended and inaugurated the Rath Yatra Festival with short speech , brooming the way for Lord Jaganath and pulling the rope of the chariot. Upendra Datta Prabhu gave a short speech on the glories of Jagannath Rath Yatra. Rath Yatra was started from Swyambhu . It followed the route : Swyambhu – Thulo Bharyang –Sano Bharyang- Dhungedhara – Banasthali- Balaju- Macchapokhari- New Buspark Kathmandu- Gongabu.
                               At Gongabu Chowk, His Grace Karan Krishna Prabhu gave a short sweet lecture about the lord of universe , Jagannath who is Krishna himself . Kritan team was making the whole festival full of ecstasy with wonderful Kritan combination. His Grace Ambuja Krishna Prabhu and His Grace Nirdosh Nitai Prabhu along with other devotees were absorbed in Kritan. Festival was finally over with distribution of delicious Prasadam of Lord Jagannath to more than 1500 participants. The chairman of the festival committee His Grace Dinabandhu Janardan Prabhu thanked and congratulated all the participants for making this most glorious festival successful. His Grace Dev Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu , the senior devotee remarked this festival ‘WONDERFUL IN EVERY RESPECT’. He has played a vital role in making this festival successful.
                                  Participants were happy with the overall management of the festival. There were some media following the festival. Rath Yatra Organizing committee has express regret for not being able to take Rath in Nayabajar and Sorhakhutte although they were announced to be followed earlier . It was due to the possible problems of road obstruction , electricity wire problems and suggestion of police administration not to go in those places.


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