ISKCON Kathmandu

ISKCON Kathmandu is the headquarter of ISKCON Nepal. It is located at the lap of Shivapuri hill. It is located on the bank of  Bishnumati river at Budhanilkantha municipality of Kathmandu.

Deities of Sri Sri Radha Krishna (Radha Govinda Hari) are installed in the temple. Beside Radha Govinda Hari , there are also the deitie of Jagannath Baladev, Subhadra and Gaura Nitai.

ISKCON Kathmandu has its own guesthouse where guest can stay by paying minimum amount. There is also Goshala. It is stated in Visnu Purana 1.19.65 , " My Lord , You are the well wisher of the cows and the vrahmanas, and you are the well wisher of the entrie human society and world." So, ISKCON Kathmandu has a big Goshala to take care of cows.
Beside this there is also a replica of Goverdhan Hill. We can do parikrama there. Facilitiy of restaurant namely Govinda's restaurant is also available there. Pure Krishnaterian (Vegetarian food first offered to Krishna) is available there.
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