Is religion for Old person only?

Majority of the people stress that man should be religious only at old age.  Generally , when youths are invited to temple programs or requested to adopt religious lifestyle they refuse this proposal by saying that religion is essential only at old age. They say that youth hood is the time for making career. They argue that when this golden time is given for religion then the future becomes dark. In such case no progress is possible as per their thoughts. But, is it really so? What do you think? Is religion for old peoples only?
We have to understand about religion, its importance, ways, application and other different aspects before making any conclusion. Any sane man will define religion to be the collection of norm, rules and regulation for higher purpose of life. Actually religion is the guideline for utilizing the different aspect of life for meaningful existence. Religion is also the open manual for teaching us the value of discipline in our life and hence living disciplined life. Finally, religion is our eternal occupational duty where we dedicate our every action for the ultimate cause of everything, God.
Now, we have to analyze what is wrong in being religious in young age.  When we follow religion blindly then our life is sure to go in vain. But if religious principles are scientifically applied what is wrong with that? Is there any wrong in being disciplined? Or, is there the negative side of following regulated lifestyle?  There is nothing wrong in being so. When we live regulated lifestyle it will take us to our destination easily. In this way our career becomes brighter but not dark because of religion.
Furthermore, best time for any kinds of education is childhood and youth hood. In such time our mind can catch a lot easily. It is very easy to apply the education in our life. That’s why spiritual life should be practiced as early as possible. We should never forget that it becomes very difficult for us to follow religion at old age. Also, happiness is the direct output of religious lifestyle. Doesn’t it sound illogical that we should get happiness only at old age?

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