Where did God come from?

Where did God come from?
It is not mandatory that every questions should have its answer. It may sound odd but not affect the law itself. It is also not possible for our tiny brain to know every things. We may go mad if we just run after it always thinking it to be fully potent.
There are two basic contradictory approaches towards the mechanism of creation of this world and creation itself.  There are basically two process of getting knowledge. One process is deductive and second is inductive. In the matter of creation modern science holds the concept of inductive one and Vedic science holds the deductive process. Modern science teaches that there is no creator but only creation but Vedic scriptures refuse this conception. Vedas says that there is creator behind creation.
We, the believer of Vedas,  say that this gigantic cosmic manifestation has not come itself. There is creator. He is God. God is the source of every things. God is the ultimate cause of every other causes and source of every other sources. But , modern science says that everything in this world was originally the cluster of gases and dust like hydrogen.  It can not answer the question that where from those gases come.  As per Vedic concept , God is the source of every things. That’s why he is the source of those Gases as well. To this answer modern scientists raise the point that where from God come from if he is the source of everything and created every things.
Do you think that there is any answer to this question. We are just trying to trace it.
First of all, what is the definition of God? God means the source of everything. If he is the source of everything then he is also the source of himself. That is the answer to the question, ‘where did God come from.’ God come from himself.  Actually it is the silly mentality to raise the question, ‘ who is the source of everyone’s source?’
And, in this world, everything and everyone has some source. For example, you were born from a father: he had a father; and he also had a father. In this way, if one goes to the root of all exist-ence,  one will come to God. Thus, one can understand that God is the Supreme Father of every living entity. Somebody may ask, "Who created God?" But God was never created. Because we are  inside the time domain, our bodies are created and destroyed again and again. God exists outside the time domain; He has been existing eternally and will continue to exist eternally. In the search  for the source of one object after another. God is like the fullstop - the source of everything. In fact, the definition of God is janmady asya yatah "God is the one from whom everything emanates."  anadir adir govinda sarva karana  karanam... "Govinda, Lord Krishna, is the cause of all causes, hut He Himself has no other piukp " {Brahma Samhita 5.1)