Cow Protection and Gopal Prabhu

Do you find next wonderful creature in the world other than cow? Truely speaking , I don't find. Cows milk is matchless, cows behaviour is matchless. Also, cows breathing is matchless. What to speak of other cows urine is matchless and cows stool is matchless. Every aspects of cows is divine.
 She is only matched with our beloved mother, still , people kill her , people hurt her and people eat her.
But not all people are cruel , not all eat her. There are also the person like Gopal prabhu (from Kathmandu Nepal) who love cow more than himself. Gopal prabhu takes cares of the cows from road to room . His care for cows is matchless. He takes cares of the wounded cows in the road. Although he is economically poor and has been struggling for hand to mouth but he is never frightened to make expenses to take care of the cows. Look at the following videos of Gopal prabhujee. ( You may help Gopal prabhujee to take care of cows further. For further information please make a phone call at 00977 9851139108)
                                                ( Part 1)

                                                    (Part 2)

Written By Pradeep Bhandari , Video by His Grace Dinbandhu Janardan Prabhu.