Sleeping in the lap of Witch MAYA

Bhaktivinod Thakur used to compare our worldly life with 'sleeping in the lap of witch MAYA'.  I may feel comfortable to live this life being illusioned. Without being illusioned we can never be comfortable here. Why? Because sleeping in the lap of witch MAYA can give only the illusory happiness and nothing else.

With various arrangements for enjoying our life to full scope we have to suffer long pain. After so much endeavor we just get the glimpse of happiness and then witch MAYA again start to create problem. Our expectation for happiness turns out to be the source of further misery due to the conspiracy of witch MAYA. We don't think that our life dedicated endeavor  for happiness will be the source for further miserable condition. Creating such condition witch MAYA always give us torture in the form of three fold miseries.

A student should do hard  labour to pass the class. Although he has to study continuously for about 20 years to attain degree level qualification  he never gives up the hopes. He has to bear  too much pain for the same purpose for such a long duration of time. He sacrifices everything for this purpose. He dreams of the golden days after completing the study.  Just like one feels very much comfortable to sleep in the lap of other,  he feels comfortable due to such golden dream. Actually, he doesn't know that reality will come in front of him one day. When he finish his study and it is the time for long awaited happiness , pain starts overflowing again. He has to struggle for job then. When he gets jobs he has to sacrifice his time for his family. Finally, inevitable death comes and every achievements he has accumulated in whole life are finished. His properties, study, family etc. Since Maya arranged ,in very complicated ways, the life we live; we never think that she will cheat us. She make us ill in this world and also stops us from going the real doctors to cure our disease of material conception. She stops us from approaching the realized souls, the devotees of the God.   People are living such a illusioned life. This example is just a small analogy from the vast ocean of this material lifestyle.We are Sleeping in the lap of witch maya for so long time. When will we awake and run away from her, leaving her for ever?

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