Building the Bridge (story )

Lord Ramachandra was building the bridge to reach Lanka and Kill Ravana. Monkeys were carrying and throwing big stones in the ocean to build this bridge.
There was also a small spider assisting Lord Rama to build the bridge by pushing very small sand particles. Hanuman saw it and started laughing by saying ,' what is the use of your effort?'
Lord Ramachandra called Hanuman over and asked him a question, ' Why are you building this bridge?'
Hanuman replied , ' Because you (Rama) wanted to cross this huge ocean in order to reach Lanka'.
Ramachandra remarked wrong to that answer and clarified that if his motive was just to cross the ocean he could cross the ocean even without building bridge as he had dried the ocean simply by getting angry just a few minutes ago.
Hanuman thought for a while and said that reason behind building the bridge was to kill Ravana.
Lord Ramachandra again remarked wrong to Hanuman's prediction. Lord Ramachandra said that if his motive was just to kill Ravana he could do it by just leaving his heart . Ravana was alive just because Rama was present in his heart as supersoul.
Then Hanuman genuinely asked Lord Ramachandra the reason for building the bridge. Lord Ramachandra said that he was building the bridge to engage all of them in the devotional service and thus get purified.
Lord Ramachandra also clarified that Spider's  attempt to serve Ramachandra was equally important as other monkey's and his( Hanuman's) attempt.

Moral : Our service to the lord may appear insignificant like that of the spider's attempt but God recognize it to be equally important like other devotee's doing other services , provided that we are doing it from our heart. That's why small it may appear but we should never give up our hope to serve lord.