Is it possible ?? : By H.G Ambuja Krishna Prabhu

       Transhumanism, abbreviated as H+or h +, is an international intellectual and cultural movement   the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical and psychological capacities. Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome  fundamental human limitations, as well as study the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies. They predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label '' posthuman''.

that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming
In Bhagavata purana 9.3 . there is the story of Cyavana muni ,a sage who later got married with the daughter of king Saryati one of the son of Manu . the sage was an old man and the princess as a chaste wife  never complained about it. One day when the heavenly  physicians the Asvini-kumara brothers  once visited  Cyavana muni, the muni requested them to give him back his youth. These two physician tooks cyavana muni to a particular lake, in which they bathed and regained full youth. This show that there is possibililty to gain youth and overcome old  age . In another story from the same canto of the Bhagavata purana 9.18. king yayati regained his youth by exchanging his old age body with his youngest son Puru. The only purpose of exchanging the youth body was to enjoy the sex desire which he was not satisfied due to old age he acquired by the curse of his father-in-low sukracharya. After his body was transformed into youth he engaged himself for thousand of years in active sex  life with his wife Devyani. However he could not satisfy  his  senses. Finally after understanding that the senses could never be satisfied he then proceed to understand the real meaning of life. King yayati returned his son's youthful body and regained his old body and then utilized his life for self realization.
From the above story we can understand that people from time immemorial are diseased with the identification of the self as a body, which of course is an illusion that everybody knows and sees people dying and the dead body , knows and sees people dying and the dead body is of no use then. So the present day scientists or philosophers are trying their best by discovering or inventing new things to add in life that can make life happier and trying to live for longer period, but these endeavors will all go in vain. No doubt that one day man cam regain his youth but definitely not for eternity. I  was into astanga yoga before. The yoga instructor used to say if you practice kapalbhati for half an hours daily then you will live hundred years or more and so on . So we hear all such things often from doctors, yoga instructors to scientists. From such type of belief, does not everybody then think of prolonging ones life? Definitely yes,living lifelonger but for what ? l may live for 1000 of years or more due to some invention or some siddhis but ultimately one day we have to leave. Because this material world is designed in such a way that it is temporary and full of miseries. BG 8.15. dukhalayam asasvatam. Therefore there is no possibility of the eternality  in this material world , one day sooner or later everything will come to an end . however   eternity exists not in this material world but in the spiritual world . so the idea in one sense  desiring to  become immortal is correct but not by using the material technology rather using the spiritual technology . And in this age ,the technology to overcome  disease and death is chanting of the holy name of the Lord. As the soul is  immortal but its real position comes only when we identify ourselves as the parts and parcels of the supreme personality of Godhead   BG15.7. mamaivamso  jiva- loke       jiva-bhutah sanatanah) The part is to serve the part the whole so, similarly  the livimg entity being the part and parcel of the lord needs to serve the lord and revive his eternal by going back home back to Godhead. The concept of eternity   definitely exists but not in our material   sense prevention. So therefore one must seek proper guidance from the bonafide spiritual master to seek knowledge that cuts the knot  of ignorance.

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Om Tat Sat

The author holds a master degree in science, currently he is serving as a youth preacher in VISA , ISKCON , Tripureshwor , Kathmandu, Nepal. He often travels to many parts of Nepal presenting the vedic literatures to the youths of Nepal.

Source : Back To Godhead Magazine ,Nepal.