Varnashram ISKCON Spiritual Academy ( VISA)

Back in 2006, all  the devotes endeavored to manually transform a bar/club into a pivot of spiritual ashram. Under the guidance  and support from H.G.Patri prabhu, the 6th floor of Radha bhaban   of Godhead. Primarily,VISA is a destination where children, youth and senior devotee are systematically  and   practically taught the treasures of vedic knowledge. From  introductory classes to advanced puranas, all the aspirants are educated by bona- fide Acaryas i. e. full-time practitioners of bhakti.
Shined to become the window to Goloka vrindavan (topmost spiritual world). Varnashram ISKCON spiritual academy (VISA, then called Vaikuntha International Spiritual Academy ) is an exemplary abode where adolescents come together to practice their devotion to Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme personality
  Of  the many programs conducted in VISA, most popular is the Saturday program .Every Saturday, all the devotees assemble to glorify and remember the supreme Lord. The program starts with profound kirtan accompanied by enlightening lecture , dancing kirtan and last but not least delicious prasadam (sanctified food).
  But if you happened to visit on other days as on Sunday evenings, you'll be welcomed with congregation  classes catered especially to householders. Mondays are scheduled for prabhuji (male aspirants) classes, a feast for the new inquisitive minds. Tuesday  classes are hosted for the dedicated and sturdy prabhujis whereas Wednesdays are exclusively for inspiring matajis (lady devotees).
    The chief attraction at VISA is the beautiful deities of sri sri Gaura Nitai, Jagannath, Baladeva, Subhadra and Prahlada Nrsimha. The deities on the altar are beautifully decorated with flowers and accessories accompanied with the aroma of incense whereas, the temple hall is decked with an ambience of peace and tranquility which inspires the mood of meditation. Then there is the favorite site devotees,  Govinda's restaurant that serves sumptuous prasadam prepared with care not only for the body but for the soul as well. One quality that is outstanding among the devotees are their cooperation and genuine  humility that have made it possible to manage festivals every year such as Radhastami (Birth celebration of the Divine consort, Srimati Radharani), Nirsimha Caturdasi ( Birth celebration of Lord Nrsimha), Balaram celebration of the Lord Balaram and Lord Nityananda).
Let it be the resolute brahmacaris ( celibate inquirers of the supreme) who resides there, or let it be the enthusiastic students who are the muscles of the center or the senior devotees, they all seek one aspect- association of devotees. As Lord Krishna says in  Bhagavat Gita, ''The devotees are always in My heart, and I am always in the heart of the devotees.''
VISA is ISKCON Youth Services ( IYS) centre located in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu , Nepal.

For Further informations regarding VISA  contact:

Varnashram ISKCON Spiritual Academy (VISA )
Radha Bhawan 6th floor 
Kathmandu , 
Phone number : 00977-4268658
Mobile number : 00977-98491967096 ,00977-9841195582