By His Grace Rasik Gauranga Prabhu , Nepal
In the Palace of Vṛṣabhānu, RādhāRānī passed her childhood playing with her sakhīs. Wherever in

Once on the dvādaśī-tithi, when the gopīs were all absorbed in their play, DurvāsāMuni arrived at the palace. All the sakhīs ran away when they saw DurvāsāMuni, but Rādhārāṇí remained. DurvāsāMuni was very pleased to see the incomparable beauty of RādhāRāṇí. He said, “my dear child ! today you must feed me sweet rice prepared with your hands.”

When Rādhārāṇí heard the desire of DurvāsāMuni, immediately she ran to her mother to collect the ingredients: nicely scented rice, milk, sugar, teja pata, resin, elachi, camphor, and other things. Within a very short time Rādhārāṇí had prepared delicious sweet rice, which she served to DurvāsāMuni. He found the smell very tempting when he tasted the inconceivably nectarean rice he was convinced that Rādhārāṇí was Golokhesvari Mahalaksmi: no one else could have made such a wonderous preparation that defeated the taste of nectar and caused him to experience ecstasy.

Being very pleased with Śrīmatī RādhāRāṇí’s service and out of affection for her, he said, “I m offering you a boon that whatever your hands touch, whatever you prepare, will taste like nectar. Whoever tastes this food cooked by you will have long life, strength, beauty, and fame, all of which will increase day by day.
When Mother Yaśodā learned of Durvāsā Muni’s boon upon RādhāRāṇí, she requested Kirtida(and later Jatila) to bring Rādhārāṇí to her house to cook for Sri Kṛṣṇa, so he might acquire all this blessing by tasting the food cooked by the nectarean hands of Śrīmatī  RādhāRāṇí. Thus the boon was very beneficial for Rādhārāṇí as she was able to serve Kṛṣṇa, and, on the plea of Mother Yaśodā she would have so many chances to see and meet with Kṛṣṇa
the palace they played, Rādhā would always place a small deity of Kṛṣṇa in the corner and decorate him with flowers. Rādhā and her Sakhīs would often play at cooking food for Kṛṣṇa.
(Source : Back To Godhead Magazine , Nepal)