Qualities of Radharani

Like Sri krishna ,  Srimati  Radharani  also has innumerable qualities, among which twenty-five are
1.    She is sweet (madhura), that is, She is incomparably beautiful in appearance;
2.    She is an ever-fresh youth;
3.    Her eyes are restless and inclined to give sidelong glances;
4.    She has a radiant, gentle and sweet smile;
5.    She has beautiful lines, indicating auspiciousness;
6.    She maddens Kåñëa with the fragrance of Her bodily limbs;
7.    She is expert in the musical arts;
8.    She speaks sweetly;
9.    She is expert in making jokes;
10.    She is very polite and modest;
11.    She is merciful;
12.    She is cunning;
13.    She is expert in all duties;
14.    She is shy;
15.    She is always steadfast on the path of righteous conduct;
16.    She is patient;
17.    She is grave, so that it is very difficult to understand the import of Her mind;
18.    She is fond of enjoying pastimes;
19.    She is acutely eager to manifest the supermost excellence of mahäbhäva;
20.    When the residents of Gokula see Her, their hearts immediately overflow with prema;
21.    Her fame pervades the entire universe;
22.    She is the object of affection for Her superiors (guru-jana);
23.    She is controlled by the intense love (praëaya) of Her sakhis;
24.    She is prominent among all Krishna's sakhis;
25.    Keçava always remains submissive to Her orders.
No one is more  dear to Krishna than Srimati Radharani. Srimati Radharani is not inferior to Sri Krsna in any way. It is Krishna Himself who enjoys Himself in two separate forms, as the enjoyer and the enjoyed.