We often happen to hear this, I have no time, I am a student, I work for a multi-national company, I have to look after my family etc. I am already doing so much in my life; I don’t have time for this entire spiritual quest. 
We must establish our priorities in life. There is plenty of time if we understand the need. There is a famous English saying “If you want to get something done, you ask a busy man, you don’t ask a man who is not doing anything.” Because if you ask a busy man to get something done, he will make time to do it, but if you ask a man who is not doing anything, to get something done, he won’t have time. It is based on our desire. If we understand the need of the urgency for self realization in our life then we will make time no matter what emergency we have.  If we happen to make that time, there is a guarantee that we will do better in whatever we do, because the quality with what we do will be much higher.  The purpose of self realization is to purify our mind. Now don’t you think that we will do much better if we have a purified mind, if we are free from lust, anger, envy, greed, pride and illusion? Don’t we think our mind will be able to do it in 1 hour when it ordinarily used take several hours? OF COURSE! When we speak of time, are we going to live for quality or quantity? In regard to our studies, work etc, what do we want, quantity or quality?
The deeper we go into our consciousness through the science of self realization, whatever we do will be of higher quality in every level. A common question – How will we have time for self realization that we have already so much to do? This is called Penny wise and Pounds foolish. To save few pennies we are losing many pounds. If we understand the necessity of God Realization in our life, then without a doubt we will make time and we won’t be a looser, we will gain in all levels.
We are all students/job holders working so hard. Don’t  we have time to eat and sleep? No matter what we are doing, we have time to eat and sleep because we know the necessity of eating and sleeping. If we understand that for the purification of our heart and for progressing towards the real goal of life, meditation, chanting the name of the Lord and accepting some discipline is a necessity, then we will realize this is more important than eating or sleeping. We will make time no matter what, but first our intelligence must be convinced of its importance. There is time.”Where there is a will, there is a way”. The most important thing in our life is to cultivate this ‘will’ and we will definitely find the way.