To melt the ice & snow of Kali YUga

Glorification for the Appearance Day of Srila Prabhupada
Text by Patri Das

O Srila prabhupada
To this frustrating world of Maya
You kindly descentded, 
And gave Lord Krishna,
who unlimited pastimes for us expended !

You were able to embrace 
with an open heart the whole world.
You gave the Way to the human race
Sanatana Dharma to uphold !

You did not discriminate the class,
The color , cast or creed !
You lent the helpful hand to us,
And made us to succeed.

You left behind for us to shine,
sublime the Holy Sound! 
And gave the Hope of Love Divine
Hard to be seen or found!

You taught us how to tolerate,
And gave us room to grow!
Your constant push to preach worldwide
Made the movement to EXPLODE!

In the forms of books the many seeds 
In human hearts it will sow!
which will reveal the Love they NEED,
And melt the ice and snow!

Source: Back To Godhead Magazine, 2nd Edition. Buy and Enjoy reading valued articles.

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