Pure, eternal love is the ultimate goal of life.

Our attention is usually diverted to the service of something that is temporary. When our attention is changed into the service of the Lord, it is called pure love.
The knot of affection related to the body comes to an end with the body. Relations of the soul, established in relation with the supreme Soul, are eternal relations. The skin relation is the cause of bondage to birth and death, but the relation of the soul is the cause of freedom.
This relation of the soul to the soul can be established in relation with the Super soul. Seeing in the darkness is not seeing. But seeing by the light of the sun means to see the sun and everything else that was unseen in the darkness. That is the way to see the entire creation in relation to the Super soul.
A pure devotee of the Lord constantly sees the presence of the Lord in everyone and everything because e of being related by loving service. Such a pure devotee cannot forget the Lord for a moment.
A devotee attains pure love by constantly remembering the Lord's personal feature along with His holy name. fame, activities, act. A devotee's affection for everyone is natural in pure love and affection. Our material bodies are all foreign dresses, and when we become free form our identification with this body, we can attain our original form in relation with God. \A spiritual form like the Lord's is attained by the devotee of the Lord according to the original nature e of their soul. |This form, which is eternal, full of knowledge and pleasure, is the original identity of the living being.
Even in this temporary world we are always in a position of serving a superior. We are obliged to serve by force sometimes in different phase of life. Even though we may be tired, we are still forced to serve without being satisfied. There is no end to such service, and we become entangle in such servitude without hop of release.
The release is only possible when we are promoted to our eternal consciousness. Then we can know that our eternal position is to render service to the Lord and not to the masters in this world created by our lust, anger, desire, etc.
Society, friendship and love are all different phases of lust. Home, country, family, society, wealth are all causes of bondage in this temporary world, where the miseries of life are inevitable. By association with pure devotees of God and by hearing from them, the taste for temporary enjoyment reduces, and attraction for hearing about the activities of the Lord increases.
It is said that the Personality of Godhead is so transcendentally attractive that even those who are self-satisfied and fee from all bondage also become devotees of the Lord. He is so attractive that one forgets the attractions of the temporary world
Those who are on the part of freedom are especially advised to become free from temporary attraction. That is possible only by the association of the devotees of the Lord, who understand everything in loving relation to the Supreme Lord.
I am mine exist in this temporary world ending in death. The real I & mine exist eternally in the spiritual world in your relationship with God. Who you are, what is your eternal service to the Lord, how to enter the spiritual world, all these questions are answered by the Lord Himself.
In particular, the song of God, Bhagavad-Gita, gives the entire description of our entanglement in this world and the path back to God. If one studies Bhagavad-Gita under the guidance of a pure devotee of God, the path back to Him becomes easy to follow.
You have and eternal home, you have family, friends, society and love that will not leave you at the time of death. |The way to rediscover your real identity is to reconnect yourself with your original beloved Lord and return to His loving service.

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