Am I my desire ?

No. desire are temporary and changing. You remain the same, though your desire change. Desires
develop from the contact of your senses with the sense objects. You are simply seated within your body observing the outside world through your five senses . so long as you will continue to strive to fulfill the endless desires that arise from your senses.
Hear nice music; feel a soft, warm body; see a great movie; taste a good meal; small a fragrant flower. You are driven on to satisfy endless desire so long as you think you are your body.
Your identification with your body drives you on to satisfy desires constantly. Your success or failure creates emotions such as happiness and distress in the mind.
You get what your body wants,
You think you're happy .
You can't get want your body wants, you think you're sad.
That's the body and mind working on you . in a child's body it is practically impossible to your body, your mind, and you. Your intelligence is not yet frustrations in childhood -the tantrums, crying, fights to get what you wanted ?
The stronger you identify with your body, the stronger your emotions overtake you and you forget your real self.
When you understand you are not your body , then bodily desires and strong emotions do not disturb you . with your intelligence you can then decide which desire are worth fulfilling and which desire should be rejected .
You are situated in your body,
Observing the world through your senses.
In old age, sickness, or injury your body becomes unable to function at top level. Sometimes you might even lose the power to use a part of your body. You might lose your eyesight, or the use of an arm or leg. But you are still existing , and your on in life. Simply your ability to enjoy is reduced, so you become depressed. Your desires are frustrated more then usual.

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