Where does my desire to enjoy come from ?

Desire to enjoy comes with your body. According to the type of body you have, you desire to enjoy in certain ways.
Have you ever watched a newborn baby ? instinctively the baby desire and enjoys eating, sleeping, loving tough , and security. The baby cries of these basics  are deprived. The drive for these four things come with your body from birth.
So long as you are in your body, the desire to enjoy will continue. When you leave your body, for example when you dream at night, your body's actions are suspended. When you leave your body permanently at the time of death, your body ceases to function and begins to decompose. At that time you separate from your present body and go somewhere else to fulfill your desire . desires remain with you when you change your body . you will create a new body just suitable to fulfill your desires from your previous body .
You are the living force in your body.
When you enter your body, it is alive.

When you leave your body, it dies.

When you take a new body, it is called birth.
Don't you do this on small scale every night ? you go to sleep at night, leaving your tired body behind for it to work on repairs and growth. You are not aware how this maintenance work goes on in the body.
Meanwhile, you have entered another subtle body, to enjoy or suffer in your dreams. You have completely forgotten your have completely forgotten your body lying on the bed. When your body is ready to act, or when you forcibly re-enter your body by setting your alarm, you come back into your body and wade up.
Now awake, you remember all your unfulfilled desire form the day before, waiting in line to be satisfied. You push on, trying your best, and then end the day worn out . in this way you have a mini-birth and mini-death  each day and night. A good day, bad day, best  day , worst day, means whether your desires were satisfied of not.
When your body is too worn out or unable to act anymore, your major death comes. Then you seek a new body to fulfill your  unfinished desire from your previous life.
At the time of death, you enter a new body to fulfill your desires from your previous life.
At the time of birth, there are the basic desire born with your body . then as you grow, more complex desires develop. Gradually your life became filled with desires and emotions resulting from your successes of failures to get what you want . in confusion, you think that the goal of life is to fulfill your many desire . but there's more to that in life, you'll see. Let us first try to understand why you have desires in the first place.


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