If I am not my body, then why do I desire to enjoy with my body?

The purpose of your existence is to enjoy . if you think you are your body , then naturally you will try
to enjoy with your body. In that case your happiness will end when your body is finished. If you understand the difference between you and your body , then you can deek happiness with your temporary body . now let us understand the difference between temporary desires and eternal desires.
There are four basic desires of the body :

Mating (sex/love)
Defending (fear)
These four desires are present in every species of life, not only in humans. Humans might have desires, but the plants , amoebas, worms, bugs, and beasts are all doing the same four things in their own way.
According to the type of body you have, you will desire to eat particular things . you might be able to eat one kilo of food a day, but the elephant can eat one hundred kilos of food in a day. so some species can enjoy eating much better then we humans.
You might sleep in a soft bed for a few hours each night , but the bear can sleep in a warm cave for six months straight. He is far more capable of enjoying sleep than you.
You might have had some lovers in your life. The pigeons make love at least fifty times a day , every day of the year . How does your love-life compare to the sex urge of the birds? They are far more expert! You may purchase the most advanced security system for your house , but just see how expert the bees and wasps are to protect their hives. They have built -in security systems. You are trying to satisfy your four basic desires according to your abilities, as are all creatures in this world. But if all you do in your life is eat, sleep,  mate and defend, then you are no better than the birds and beasts. The other species of life are busy day and night fulfilling these four basic desires. They must struggle hard for their existence. But you , as a human being , can understand that there is more to life than eating, sleeping, having sex and defending. These bodily drives will not bring you lasting enjoyment. Since you are not your body, the pleasures of the body will never really satisfy you fully.

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