Who is Prahlada Maharaja ?

Prahlada Maharaja is the pure devotee of lord. He was born in the house of demon. He was the son of powerful demon HiranyaKashipu. He had got the opportunity to hear about the glories of lord's
names , pastimes etc. from his Spiritual master Narada muni when her mother was kidnapped by Indradeva. Due to the mercy of Narada Muni he was devotee even in the womb.

Later on he at the age of 5 , preached to his school-fellows of their urgent need for taking to Krishna Consciousnes without a delay. His father Hiranya Kashipu tried his best to convert him into nondevotee but Prahalada even converted many demon's sons into devotee. Hiranyakasyipu tried to kill Prahalada mean but lord always saved him. Finally he himself tried to kill Prahalada. At that time lord Narsimhadev appeared and killed Hiranya Kashipu. It is Prahalada maharaja , for whose protection lord took the form of Narsimhadev and killed demon Hiranya Kashipu. Prahalada Maharaj is the pure devotee . We can read Lord's pastimes with Prahalada Maharaja in Bhagavatam.

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