If I'm not my body, then why do I have a body?

Right now , you have a body made of earth, water, fire, air and space. That's because you have
developed desires to enjoy these gross elements. When you change the nature of your desires, then
your body will change automatically and accordingly.
The fish enjoys swimming in water, so if you want to surf and swim , then become a fish. Enjoy! The pig eats any rubbish. If you love to eat beyond your capacity, then why not be a pig> But the human body is meant for more responsible work. As a human being you have refined intellect.
Intelligence means to discriminate between temporary and eternal pleasure.
As an intelligent person, you can understand that temporary solutions cannot solve problems. If you give a hungry man a meal today, he will come back hungry tomorrow . If you teach him how to grow his food , he can solve his own problem.
The problem we are trying to solve his own problem .
The problem we are trying to solve is where to find eternal happiness. If your body is temporary, then the pleasures that come from your body are also temporary. You are eternal; you do not die when your body dies. You simply go into another body according to your desires. Now if you could rise above temporary bodily desires and discover where eternal pleasure is then you can get an eternal body.

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