Who is Dhruva Maharaja?

Dhruva Maharaja was born as a son of a great king Uttanapada. Kind had two wives. Each of them had their own son . One day while Dhruva's stepbrother was playing on the lap of the king, Dhruva also wanted to play on his father's lap. Dhruva who was just 5 years old, climbed up on his father's knee, but his father did not receive him with any particular attention or affection. Moreover, Dhruva's stepmother came forward and chastised Dhruva. "My dear boy," she said, speaking loudly so that everyone could hear, "you cannot sit on the lap of your father. Although you are his son, you are disqualified because you have not taken birth in my womb." Dhruva's stepmother was the favorite wife of the king, and since the king was more or less henpecked by her, he allowed her to speak out although she was inflicting pain on his little son. ''If you want to sit on your father's lap," she went on, humiliating the boy and exploiting her own position as the king's favorite, "you must first worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead by penances and austerities, and then in your next life you can take birth from my womb. Then it may be possible." Dhruva burst into tears and ran home, taking shelter of his mother, to whom he blurted out the whole story.
Dhruva set out his journey to find out Lord Vishnu. He did austerity. Getting the Narada muni's blessing he started meditating upon Lord Vishnu. Finally Vishnu was pleased and gave his darsan. Dhruva Maharaja is one of the Mahajan. Dhruva maharaja is still in Dhruva Loka, which at night times seems to be polestar. Dhruva Maharaja is the pure devotee.

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