Srimad Bhagavatam Class By PA Das on Vaishnava Aparadha (Part I) - Bhakti Lok

This Srimad Bhagavatam Class (Prabachan) was given in Radha Govinda Hari Temple, Budhanilkantha . In this speech Paramesvara Acyuta Das warns everyone to not offend the devotee of Lord . It is because Vaishnava offense is the greatest and deadliest of all types of offenses.
It is said in Bhagavatam that Vaishnava offense is deadliest.
naham visanke sura-raja-vajran na tryaksha-sulan na yamasya dandat
nagny-arka-somanila-vittapastrac chanke bhrisam brahma-kulavamanat

(My dear sir, I am not at all afraid of the thunderbolt of King Indra, nor am I afraid of the serpentine, piercing trident of Lord Siva. I do not care about the punishment of Yamaraja, the superintendent of death, nor am I afraid of fire, scorching sun, moon, wind, nor the weapons of Kuvera. Yet I am afraid of offending a brahmana. I am very much afraid of this.)

This Speech was broadcasted from Bhakti Darshan International Television. It is one of the episode of Bhakti Lok program. It is part I. We will also share Part II on this episode soon.

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